Spamassassin is slow - any tips or good commercial alternative?

Eduardo Casarero ecasarero at
Fri Jun 13 02:52:10 IST 2008

do you use clamd? tmpfs for working directory?

2008/6/12 Charlie <mi6 at>:
> Hi,
> I run an email server (Exim) which uses Mailscanner in combination with
> ClamAV and SpamAssassin. The server scans about 15,000 emails per day.
> SpamAssassin currently seems to take 5-10 seconds to scan even the smallest
> email, which is unacceptable for us.
> I was wondering if anyone had either any tips on reducing the amount of time
> taken to scan an email for spam using SpamAssassin to 'well under one
> second', or if anyone can recommend a good, not too expensive, commercial
> alternative to SpamAssassin.
> Thank you!
> Charlie
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