Exim bounces and MailScanner

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at koopmann.eu
Thu Jun 12 13:13:08 IST 2008



I just noticed something for the first time. A user is sending a message
which is accepted by the inbound exim, processed by MailScanner and then
sent out by the outbound exim. This outbound exim is not able to
successfully transfer the message since the other side responds with 5xx
attachment type is not allowed. So far so good. The outbound exim now
creates a NDR. This NDR however is delivered to the user directly
without being processed through mailscanner. It all makes sense but is
there a way to force the NDRs of the outbound exim process to be
delivered through Mailscanner as well? Why you may ask? :-) Because the
admin would like to see the NDA in mailwatch as well. 


Any thoughts appreciated.




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