Hosting multiple domains on a MailScanner box?

Henry Kwan lists at
Wed Jun 11 19:50:03 IST 2008

Henry Kwan <lists <at>> writes:
> Ideally, what I would like to do is to route all those emails to a catchall
> account on the primary domain (something like domain2.catchall <at> 
>  But if I modify the virtusertable or even add a .forward to localaccount1 so
> that email gets forwarded to the primary domain, I get a "DSN: User unknown".


The reason that it wasn't working was because I had borked the routing by
entering the primary domain into local-host-names.  Once I removed the primary
domain, all emails to the secondary domains are routed properly into the
catchall account on the primary domain.

Thanks to Peter and Eduardo for the ideas.

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