Clamav timeouts block Mailscanner

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Thu Jun 5 09:55:29 IST 2008


I am using Mailscanner for quiet a while and I'm really happy with it.
There is only one problem which arises from time to time.

Whenever a message is big enough to let clamav time out, MS will write 
"Denial Of Service attack detected" to its log and restart the affected MS 
child process.
(We sometimes receive compressed logfiles, wich increase dramatically in 
size when being uncompressed for scanning.)
Unfortunately after spawning a new process MC will try to rescan the same 
message again, wich will fail.

I tried playing with the "Max Children" Option, but this doesn't solve the 
The queue will fill up with messages on hold, because at least one MS 
Process won't requeue any mails, as it plays with the message that always 
times out.

Did anyone solve this problem already?
Is there a way to tell MS to mark the blocking message as "unavailable", 
as it is possible for spamassassin (Option "Max SpamAssassin Timeouts")?

Thanks in advance,
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