Windows Exchange Server

Gary Pentland gary at
Thu Jun 5 09:21:26 IST 2008

> But is there any value to making the MailScanner box an
> authenticated sender to Exchange?  Is there even a way to do this?

Yes,  I found this after an upgrade to Exchange 2007.  As Hugo pointed out, it's not MailScanner itself but the MTA software that does the sending of mail and hence needs to do the authentication bit.

I use sendmail and it is possible to make sendmail authenticate when sending to Exchange.

Start with - about half way down it starts the "client" side authentication stuff.  Remember when sending to another MTA (Exchange in this case) sendmail or whatever is the client sending to a server for onward delivery.

If you're not using sendmail then I'm afraid you'll have to ask others on this or other lists for advice.


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