What is the best way to collect SPAM from users?

Greg Matthews gmatt at nerc.ac.uk
Wed Jun 4 17:17:32 IST 2008

Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> hi
> For sa-learn feed back users need to drag/drop to the ham/spam
> folders.
> These folders should be imap folders on exchange and use the many
> perl scripts that be found to get the messages from the imap folder
> and push then to sa-learn.
>> I was thinking of having a common mailbox in exchange to which
>> users would move SPAM & HAM and then I would POP it and feed it to
>> sa-learn.
>> So what is a good approach that works? and how do I automate it?

how much to you trust your users? seriously, users will not be as 
careful as you when they are throwing stuff into the spam folder. I have 
a mailbox for sending false positives (ham rather than spam but the same 
principles apply) to and users have very strict instructions on how to 
use it. Nonetheless, I still get spam forwarded to it on occasion and 
mail sent to it in the wrong format or without the original message or 
malformed in a hundred other ways.

I once tried to automate the processing of this mailbox but there is so 
much that can go wrong I came to the conclusion that I didnt have the 
hacking skills required to anticipate and work around all possible 

My compromise is that I read the mailbox regularly using mutt which 
provides a very quick and easy interface for viewing the message 
structure and saving exactly the right bit, I then feed this (eyeballed) 
data back into SA.

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