Newbie mail scanner user needs some insight in where to locate missing attachment.

Rd03 doepain at
Mon Jun 2 20:56:38 IST 2008

I have inherited a mail scanner server running on BSD.  I am not to familiar
with this application and its inner workings.  We recently received a
message (first week of May), and it had a MS Word attachment that was
stripped, and quarantined.  I was asked today to locate the file, and copy
out of the quarantine folder and deliver it to the intended recipient.

I did a "find" for the file and a "grep" neither returned any results.

I would like to read the log files associated with this application in hopes
to determine what happened to the attachment.

Could you please guide me in the location of either where the log files for
the application would be (not in /var/log), or a configuration file that may
indicate where the logs directory/files are kept.

I am guessing there aren't any logs being generated for this application.

thanks in advance.
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