If virus, don't scan with SA

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on 7-26-2008 8:29 AM Chris Barber spake the following:
> on 7-25-2008 8:56 AM Chris Barber spake the following:
>> There is another very good reason for not bothering to 
>> micro-optimi[sz]e this.
>> If you're scanning your viruses with spamassassin there's a good 
>> chance they'll be auto-learned as spam.  So when the phishing attack 
>> is mutated to avoid existing signatures Bayes can still get them.
>> Cheers,
>> Phil
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>> The reason I haven't tried to implement it is that viruses (incl what 
>> sanesecurity finds) are a very small percentage of your total mail 
>> volume. Probably 2 or 3% at a guess. So it wouldn't actually make any 
>> noticeable difference to your MailScanner server load.
>> Jules
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>> Thanks for all the responses guys. I see about 25-30% viruses now that 
>> I use sane security. I guess it is different for everyone. But the 
>> added bayes entries are prob worth leaving it alone.
>> Thanks again,
>> Chris
>> A lot of those are probably coming from places that others of us don't see because of blacklists. But I have to agree >on the bayes training only helping.
> What blacklists do you recommend? The only ones I use are zen.spamhaus.org and list.dsbl.org
> Thanks
> Chris
Ihave had good luck with the spamcop list. I can't use the zen list because 
although my usage is way below their thresholds (way less than 50%, usually 
closer to 25%) I still get blocked by them. But I can't justify the cost of a 
feed for the volume of our mail. Trying to contact them about it falls on deaf 
(I guess it would be blind) mailreaders.

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