Yum updates for Perl, just say no?

Gregg LainJr. gregg at mochabomb.com
Fri Jul 25 00:23:59 IST 2008

Look in the july archives - I updated the same setup you have and it broke.  In the email was what worked for me - but yeah test it out first if you can...  Mine was messed up for a couple days until I got it fixed with a hack. 

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From:  Steve Mason
Date:  7/24/08 4:13 pm
To:  'MailScanner discussion'
Subj:  Yum updates for Perl, just say no?

I just finished building a new server , Centos 5.2 with MailScanner 4.70.7
(from, RPM)  and Mailwatch 1.0.4. It's running absolutely beautifully!
I almost did a yum -y update today, but decided I'd better check what it
wants to update.

Looks like it wants to update a boatload of Perl modules.  I'm assuming that
I *don't* want it to do that.
Should I configure yum to exclude perl modules?  Anything else I should
exclude to prevent MailScanner troubles?



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