Recipients receives messages from Mailscanner.

Gustavo FC gugafer51 at
Thu Jul 24 22:40:28 IST 2008

Hi everyone,

The recipients of my network are receiving notifications from Mailscanner.
This occurs when a message is blocked by the rules of the
filename.rules.conf. The content of the notification is the same in
%report-dir%/stored.content.message.txt and the messages` subject  is
modified, adding {Filename?} to the start of the line.

I don`t want the recipients receive this messages. How can I disable this?

My Mailscanner`s version is 4.55.10.

My Mailscanner.conf:

Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame HTML-Codebase HTML-Script HTML-Form All-Viruses

Still Deliver Silent Viruses = no

Stored Bad Content Message Report  = %report-dir%/stored.content.message.txt
Stored Bad Filename Message Report =
Stored Virus Message Report        = %report-dir%/stored.virus.message.txt
Stored Size Message Report        = %report-dir%/stored.size.message.txt

Notify Senders = no

Spam Actions = store

High Scoring Spam Actions = store

Thanks for your help and I`m sorry for my bad english.

Gustavo F. Carvalho
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