F-secure alternative?

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Wed Jul 23 19:02:55 IST 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Nils Olav Brandstorp Bekken wrote:
> | Since the updates for 4.65 is gone, I'm looking for
> | an alternative. Our systems (Debian Etch) and MailScanner
> | doesn't seem very happy with the F-Secure 5 version, and I'm not 
> sure if
> | F-Secure 7 is supported yet. (It scans and find infected email, but
> | they're delivered anyway)
> |
> | I've tried Clamav but I'm not sure about how frequently
> | it is updated.
> More frequent then just about any other malware scanner.
> Hugo.
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Yes I would agree with that, I just posted AVAST as a a solution as I 
thought since he was using f-secure he wanted a commercial alternative.
Myself I use clamav and sh*tdefender sorry bitdefender.....  bitdefender 
is sort of an "also ran", you don't really need both if you have clamav.

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