Google gmail

Richard Frovarp richard.frovarp at
Wed Jul 23 15:59:04 IST 2008

Peter Farrow wrote:
> Richard Frovarp wrote:
>> Marco mangione wrote:
>>> uhm.. and what do you suggest for greylisting? gmail have too much 
>>> server that reply...
>> Don't greylist google. You can't trust blacklists containing Google, 
>> so the delay is of no help there. You know that google is going to 
>> retry again, as they have proper SMTPs. I don't know that there is 
>> much purpose in greylisting them.
> Well, get the IP range and blacklist  it.    My experience of 
> googlemail is cheap/nasty/spammy, to be avoided, anyone who uses it 
> for business purposes isn't serious about business...
> Just my pennies worth.
> Pete
Um, okay. Customers using gmail are still customers. I'm also pretty 
certain that not every piece of mail coming in is business only. I would 
never use it as my business email. However, I do use it to contact 
businesses as my work, school, and apache accounts are for those uses.

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