Watch it: Multiple DNS implementationsvulnerableto cachepoisoning

Peter Farrow peter at
Sat Jul 12 10:04:40 IST 2008

Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>> Another good example of why Fedora is not the best choice for a 
>> server if it
>> is going to be expected to operate more than 18 months
> ...unless you're happy to upgrade on a roughly annual basis to benefit 
> from more up-to-date stable versions of the main packages, such as 
> perl, apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.
> (see problems installing recent MainScanner versions on machines with 
> old perl installations earlier)
> We've been here before - Fedora is an excellent server OS for people 
> like me, running web servers requiring up-to-date packages. It may not 
> be if your situation means upgrading OS versions is expensive and you 
> have no need for recent software packages installed automatically.
> Cheers!
> Anthony

I agree, having some 200 machines "under my wing" means I would be 
upgrading one almost everyworking day to stay in the picture under this 
As much as I like my work, I don't like it that much  ;-)

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