OT: Run MScanner in a virtualized environment.

Matt Hampton spamlists at coders.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 15:32:20 IST 2008

Bob Wickline wrote:
> I have a dozen Solaris zones running MailScanner on a single server 
> and it seems to be doing fine.  Key is to have LOTS of memory.  The 
> memory signature of MailScanner is fairly large (50MB).  Because of 
> that I have cut the max children down to 2 on all of my zones but they 
> are pretty light mail traffic.  I haven´t done the rapid-deployment 
> thing since my environment is very static.  There´s plenty of 
> documentation on how to deploy zones out there.
The memory is more from the number of Spamassassin rules that you have - 
and also if you use ClamAVModule you have those signatures in memory 
too.  This can be reduced by using Clamd as then you only have one set 
of the Clamd signatures in memory.


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