Message body lost when zip file quarantined

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Jul 3 17:10:47 IST 2008

Let me try this again.

On June 30, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> MailScanner-4.70.7-1
> I'm sorry if this is a well known issue or a FAQ. I tried googling the
> list archives and didn't see anything that seemed relevant.
> The issue is this:
> MailScanner is scanning a message with an attached .zip archive which
> contains a number of .bat and .bat.bak files, other files and even
> another zip archive which contains a single .bat file.
> Mailscanner detects all the .bat and .bat.bak files in the zip files,
> sends a notice appropriately, and delivers the message with the
> attachment removed. All well and good. The problems are:
> 1) not only the original .zip is quarantined, but so also are the
> individual .bat, .bat.bak and .zip files extracted from the original
> .zip (other files in the .zip with OK names are not). This is not a
> major issue, but makes looking in the quarantine difficult as one
> doesn't know what files were separately attached and what files were
> just in the .zip.
> 2) The more serious issue is the original message body is also removed
> from the delivered message, and it is not stored anywhere.

So, is there some misconfiguration on my part that is causing the loss 
of the message body, or is this and the redundant files in quarantine 
the expected behavior?

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