New feature -- antiword support

Rob Kettle rob at
Thu Jul 3 08:02:57 IST 2008

Ken A wrote:
> Rob Kettle wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> Hi folks!
>>> I felt a bit bored at home this afternoon, supposedly having a day 
>>> off...
>>> So I added support for the "antiword" program.
>>> Basically what MailScanner can now do is find *.doc files attached 
>>> to your email messages, convert them to plain text (with a bit of 
>>> *highlighting* like that) and add the text as new attachments to the 
>>> messages.
>>> This means that when someone mails you a simple Word doc, you don't 
>>> have to save the attachment, possibly switch OS and computer, and 
>>> crank up Word just to read a few lines of text.
>>> The "ChangeLog" tells you how to use it. Basically install antiword 
>>> from
>>> (or from RPM or SRPMS at
>>> then set "Add Text Of Doc = yes" to your MailScanner.conf (having 
>>> run upgrade_MailScanner_conf of course!).
>>> And you're away.
>>> Have fun,
>>> Jules
>> Hi,
>> if I enable the new feature then MailScanner runs at almost 100% when 
>> any email arrives. Nothing gets processed. Disable thus feature and 
>> normal processing happens.
>> MailScanner --lint shows no errors. (Centos 5.2 system).
>> Rob
> Seeing the same thing here. All mail gets passed through SA, then put 
> back in the incoming queue and so on....
> Ken

Yup. That pretty much sums up what is happening with mine.


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