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Tue Jul 1 16:52:40 IST 2008

on 6-28-2008 4:07 AM Julian Field spake the following:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 6-25-2008 7:39 AM Peter Peters spake the following:
>>> Glenn Steen wrote on 13-6-2008 23:20:
>>>> Same here... Well. Haven't donated any organs (yet), and some of them
>>>> are really shoddy... But I do carry my donor card with me at all
>>>> times... Who knows when time is up?!
>>> My girlfriend does not feel to good about the idea of them cutting into
>>> me after I am dead. I am still trying to convince her.
>> What is she going to do? Have you freeze-dried and prop you up in the 
>> corner?
>> Tell her that it is a way for a part of you to live on after your gone.
>>> At the meantime I donate blood every 3 to 4 months and will start
>>> donating blood plasm in a short while.
>> I had to stop for a while as my blood pressure is too high for their 
>> liking, but not high enough for the doctor to put me on meds. But here 
>> is my donor card, and since I will most likely be cremated, my wife 
>> doesn't have a problem with it.
> I don't know if anyone here understands blood pressure figures, but 
> here's a couple to make you laugh. I normally have very low blood 
> pressure, and have to live on beta-blockers as well, which lower it 
> further.
> Up and walking around the house, some paramedics once measured me (and 
> checked it as they didn't believe it) at 64/45. The last time I had an 
> endoscopy, it dropped to 65/39. That had them a little worried, to put 
> it mildly, but I had warned them in advance that this does tend to 
> happen. I've now had 31 endoscopies, and I know exactly how my body 
> reacts to them, i.e. not kindly :-)
Who reacts to them well? Not the most fun way to spend an afternoon! And they 
have the gall to tell you to relax!

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