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Gustavo FC gugafer51 at
Thu Jan 31 13:58:51 GMT 2008

In my Mailscanner.conf, the "Spam Actions" attribute has only the "store"
option, but the users receive the notification's emails.

Spam Actions = store

There are any other configuration that I can do?

Gustavo FC

Gustavo FC wrote:
> Hi
> How can I disable the notifications send to users when theirs email is
> deleted, stored, etc?
> Gustavo F.C.
In your MailScanner.conf you will have this setting with similar actions.
# What to do with spam
# --------------------
#    notify                  - Send the recipients a short notification that
#                              spam addressed to them was not delivered.
#                              can then take action to request retrieval of
#                              the original message if they think it was not
#                              spam.
Spam Actions = store deliver notify

Take out the notify.
Update the same for the other "Actions" sections.

Restart MailScanner

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