Problems with TNEF and long filenames

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Wed Jan 30 21:00:31 GMT 2008

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Ehle, Roland wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use “Use TNEF Contents = replace” and “Deliver Unparsable TNEF = no” 
> to get rid of the winmail.dat grab from Outlook clients using Outlook 
> Richtext Format.
> It was brought to my attention, that this setting causes long 
> filenames to be shortened: For example a file named “test datei mit 
> sehr sehr langem dateinamen und viel bla bla.txt.txt” arrives as “test 
> datei mit.txt” at the recipients mailbox.
> If I leave TNEF contents untouched, the filename is not changed.
> The above happens when using external TNEF decoder and the internal 
> one. Same behavior with both.
> Has somebody experienced the same problem? Any hints to avoid the 
> problem, other than sending files with long filenames inside a ZIP-file?
Do you mean a ZIP file or a TNEF file?


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