Trend Micro Sues Barracuda Over Open Source Anti-Virus

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Wed Jan 30 20:48:54 GMT 2008

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 11:54:23 -0800
"Harondel J. Sibble" <mailscanner at> wrote:

> On 29 Jan 2008 at 20:44, Gerard wrote:
> > Personally, I believe this whole discussion is nothing more than a
> > useless exercise. In the end, what happens is what was suppose to
> > happen and nothing anyone of us does is going to change that. Other
> > than wasting bandwidth with useless rhetoric, nothing of any
> > substance is ever going to come about from all this banter.
> I disagree on that one, being a Trend Micro reseller, I can call up
> my sales rep and tell them I'll be pulling Trend Micro products out
> of my client sites unless they drop this useless lawsuit.  I'll also
> suggest my colleagues who are Trend reseller's do the same.

Glad to hear that your sales figures for Trend Micro are in the 6-7
figure range. Of course that does raise an interesting question;
exactly how are you going to replace those lost sales once you have
alienated your distributor?

Please post back when you have brought them to their knees.

gerard at

For certain people, after fifty, litigation takes the place of sex.

	Gore Vidal

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