Trend Micro Sues Barracuda Over Open Source Anti-Virus

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Jan 30 16:56:30 GMT 2008

Julian Field wrote:
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> One bit of bad news. I just discovered the patent was also granted in
> the UK as
> GB2309561. So it does affect me :-(
> How they got that one through when we theoretically don't have
> software patents is beyond me. 

Well, it only affects you in the sense that MS *can* run a virus
scanner.  But you're not bundling any scanners with MS so I'm not sure
what grounds they could come after you on.  One could argue that the
spamassassin/clamav bundle sorta falls into this arena, but it's not a
proxy - it's just software that a user can install.  So all in all, I'm
not sure it affects you in any material way.  One can run ClamAV
alongside MS, but a stock install of MS doesn't.  The end user adds it.
I'd think Trend would have to come after the end user.  We all know what
a winning strategy that was for SCO.

FSL devices may be more at risk however, if they come bundled with.

As always my legal advice, of course, is worth exactly what you paid for

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