How do you know if Spam Assassin is using bayes?

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Sun Jan 27 19:11:18 GMT 2008

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Scott Silva wrote:
> on 1/26/2008 12:58 PM Kyle Schmitt spake the following:
>> OK.  It's all working now!
>> For some reason perl was missing it's DBFile library.  Installed that,
>> changed some permissions and then it was all happy.
>> The impressive thing is, it was doing a pretty good job of blocking
>> spam _before_ the bayes filter was on.  I'll have to see what the
>> improvement is now that it's going too.
>> Thanks
>> --Kyle
> A good set of rules can be surprisingly efficient. But bayes will help 
> with the borderline stuff.
If you want a reference set of good rules to use, search the list 
archives for a "howto" published by me last July (I think it had "howto" 
in the Subject: line of the posting. I have run the same set of rules 
(with all the auto-updates of course) since then, and it's been working 
very nicely. I have added a few custom rules after last July, but 
nothing major. It's been very stable for 6 months, requiring no 
maintenance at all.


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