SA 3.2.4 lint output oddity

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Sun Jan 27 19:06:04 GMT 2008

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I have added something similar to the debug output you wanted. It tells 
you when it is waiting for a batch, and how many messages there are in 
the batch once it's got it. It will be in the next release.

There is quite a delay before the "building a batch" message, as all the 
SpamAssassin initialisation is done just before that. So expect a few 
seconds between running "MailScanner --debug" and getting the "building 
a batch" message.

I'm thinking about writing support for a "--queue-only" command-line 
switch, which would have the same effect as "Delivery Method = queue" in 
MailScanner.conf. I thought some people might find that useful when 
diagnosing problems as otherwise the processed messages get delivered 
immediately so you don't get a chance to look at them first. It would 
only take effect when used with "--debug". It would save me editing the 
MailScanner.conf file before starting to diagnose any problems, and when 
developing new features.

Would other people find this switch useful too?


ajos1 at onion wrote:
> -
> Paul you are a star!  Thanks so much... I was worrying that I had got something wrong.
> That all makes perfect sense and the "MailScanner Waiting For Messages" line does show up with a w.
> The reason why it was waiting and waiting... because I was using it on a test machine which was not getting messages to play with!
> It might be useful for the Debug output to have a one line message that says:
> *****************
> dbg : Waiting for an incoming message to scan...
> *****************
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> From: paul_blacknight
> Subj: Re: SA 3.2.4 lint output oddity
> Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 23:59:00 +0000
> When you run MailScanner in debug mode, it waits for Mail to come into 
> the inbound queue. It'll then process a batch of messages. When it's 
> waiting on the long wait server, what does a "w" show you on an 
> alternative console login?
> Something siumilar to the following should appear.
> root     pts/1    trinity.dahomela 23:57    8.00s  4.18s  4.17s 
> MailScanner: waiting for messages
> It waits for messages to come in, don't forget that it has to fight with 
> the running MS aswell for messages, so for proper debugging do service 
> MailScanner stop ; service MailScanner startin
> and do the debug.
> Paul


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