SA 3.2.4 lint output oddity

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Sat Jan 26 00:49:20 GMT 2008


Paul you are a star!  Thanks so much... I was worrying that I had got something wrong.

That all makes perfect sense and the "MailScanner Waiting For Messages" line does show up with a w.

The reason why it was waiting and waiting... because I was using it on a test machine which was not getting messages to play with!

It might be useful for the Debug output to have a one line message that says:

dbg : Waiting for an incoming message to scan...

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From: paul_blacknight
Subj: Re: SA 3.2.4 lint output oddity
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 23:59:00 +0000

When you run MailScanner in debug mode, it waits for Mail to come into 
the inbound queue. It'll then process a batch of messages. When it's 
waiting on the long wait server, what does a "w" show you on an 
alternative console login?

Something siumilar to the following should appear.

root     pts/1    trinity.dahomela 23:57    8.00s  4.18s  4.17s 
MailScanner: waiting for messages

It waits for messages to come in, don't forget that it has to fight with 
the running MS aswell for messages, so for proper debugging do service 
MailScanner stop ; service MailScanner startin

and do the debug.


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