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Would you want a separate email, or a message prepended to the start of 
the email containing the problem attachment? The latter, I suspect.

Unfortunately, this really isn't at all easy to do. I doubt I can do it, 
but I will take a look even so.

Best regards,

Greg Borders wrote:
> Greetings fellow MailScanners!  I've got an interesting question that 
> was brought
> to my attention by a user.  They recently had a file attachment that 
> triggered
> one of the file type rules. (filename.rules.conf) And it was of course 
> sent to the quarantine.
> In general, TheCompany doesn't want to block files,
> they want a notification that it triggered a rule, and still deliver it,
> just like the system can do for spam:
> Use SpamAssassin = yes
> #
> # What to do with spam
> # --------------------
> #    notify                  - Send the recipients a short notification
> Spam Actions = store deliver header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"
> Would it be possible to emulate this same action on the other set of 
> filters/checks?
> (Namely the file  name/type checks in this case.)
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the file name/type checks are 
> governed by
> the dangerous content setting:
> #
> # Removing/Logging dangerous or potentially offensive content
> # -----------------------------------------------------------
> #
> # Do you want to scan the messages for potentially dangerous content?
> # Setting this to "no" will disable all the content-based checks except
> # Virus Scanning, Allow Partial Messages and Allow External Message 
> Bodies.
> # This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
> Dangerous Content Scanning = yes
> It would be nice to have a simple add-on such as a new directive:
> Dangerous Content Actions = store notify deliver
> Thus emulate the same logic as the Spam Actions, but I know how Jules
> hates to add more to the conf file than necessary.
> Perhaps adding in a ruleset that points to a custom function is an 
> option?
> Thanks in advance for your advice.
> Greg. Borders
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