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Sun Jan 20 17:45:09 GMT 2008

Glenn Steen wrote, On 1/20/08 6:00 AM:
> Did you remember to upgrade Mail-ClamAV as well? Perhaps by way of
> Jules nice clam+SA package?

Installed install-Clam-0.92-SA-3.2.4 though I admit I overlooked it 
originally as it blended in with the packages of MailScanner for other 
OSes on the website.

In retrospect, the problem was probably that I restarted MailScanner 
after its upgrade but while Clam+SA was still compiling/installing.  I 
thought Clam was used in child processes for each batch of mail, not 
loaded by the main MailScanner process.  Restarting MailScanner again 
after everything was in place solved the problem.

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