How to know if I'm blacklisted (SOLVED)

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Fri Jan 18 10:30:34 GMT 2008

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> Hi Juan,
> If you have learnt something then fantastic :) we all start somewhere and everybody on this list is at a different level.  End of the day somebody will always know more than yourself, and as a community which shares knowledge we all benefit and help others.  That is the the sheer beauty of OSS.  I am sure Matt will appreciate your public comments of thanks.  Nice one Matt.
> Regards,
CC on that Phil!
Although Matt hasn't seen the light (yet) when it comes to rejecting
based on malformed/incorrect domain names and/or domain literals in
the HELO/EHLO (he'll get there eventually:-), there is no argument
from me that the rest of his post is very useful for a beginner mail
You've got a lot of reading ahead Juan, hope you enjoy it!

-- Glenn
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