OT BarricadeMX 2.0 is released

Gareth list-mailscanner at linguaphone.com
Thu Jan 17 18:27:10 GMT 2008

Sounds good. Is the press release on the main website somewhere?
I often participate on experts-exchange and often point people to the
defendermx appliance and mailscanner sites.
This press release has all the info a lot of people are looking for so it
would be a good thing to point people towards.

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> Subject: OT BarricadeMX 2.0 is released
> Fort Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce BarricadeMX 2.0, the new
> release of SnertSoft's smtpf filtering proxy software. In addition to
> speed, accuracy, and interface improvements, the new version also
> provides improved email DDOS protection. Release notes for this new
> version may be found at:
> http://www.fsl.com/docs/BMX_Smtpf%202%200%20Release%20Notes.pdf
> Distributions are available for
> CentOS and Red Hat 4.x, i386 and x86_64
> CentOS and Red Hat 5.x, i386 and x86_64
> SuSE 10.x
> FreeBSD 4.x and 6.x (without web interface)
> OpenBSD (without web Interface)
> Fort Systems is now able to offer a completely rpm based installation
> and with an update process for creating the “simple to install and
> maintain anti-spam gateway” that has been discussed in this forum.
> Keeping this entire system and all applications up to date is now as
> simple as running `yum update`.
> An ISO download is available which installs CentOS 5 and the BarricadeMX
> server or you can create a basic Install of CentOS 5 and run the
> attached script after installation. This script will install and
> configure:
> BarricadeMX (the web interface)
> smtpf (The SMTP filtering proxy)
> SpamAssassin
> SARE rules
> Razor
> Bayes MySQL starter database
> Please contact info at fsl.com if you need more information regarding the
> ISO download, the CentOS basic install instructions or to obtain the
> free, fully functional 30-day trial license key.
> Some advantages to running this simple gateway configuration include:
> • No quarantine required: Mail is either delivered or returned to the
> sender with customized Non-Delivery Receipt.
> • Very High Capacity: A single CPU, dual core system with 2 GB Of memory
> can easily handle over 1,000,000 connection attempts per day
> • Web interface: A web interface is provided for configuration and
> statistics
> All of these advantages are also available when running BarricadeMX in
> front of MailScanner.
> Pre-filtering with BarricadeMX on an existing MailScanner server is as
> easy as running the basic BarricadeMX installation script. After
> installation BarricadeMX listens on port 25 and the MTA used by
> MailScanner is re-configured to listen on port 26. BarricadeMX is then
> configured to route mail for all domains to, port 26.
> This simple anti-spam gateway is so effective at accurately detecting
> spam that we will be the first company to offer a simple anti-spam
> guarantee. If BarricadeMX plus our customized version of SpamAssassin
> does not stop over 99% of the incoming spam with less than 0.1% false
> positives, we will return the cost of purchase.
> More details are available at our web sites:
> www.fsl.com
> www.snertsoft.com
> Thank you
> Julian Field
> Steve Freegard
> Steve Swaney
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