Mailscanner gateway using sendmail (are thererules forindividualdomains)

Kit Wong Kit at
Mon Jan 14 13:03:37 GMT 2008

Hi Kit,

Kit Wong wrote:
> Might be crossed wired here. I want to be able to tell
> mailscanner/sendmail to scan all incoming but rather than put it into
> the mail box on the server is to relay it on to an ip address that
> have exchange waiting. I want to be able to say which emails (domain)
> and which ip address to relay to.

>MailScanner does not do any local delivery.

>MailScanner reads from the incoming SMTP queue, scans based on its own 
>rules, then places the scanned message into its 'outgoing' queue.  The 
>program that process that queue (usually your MTA) is the program that 
>decides whether to deliver locally or relay on.

>Anthony Peacock
CHIME, Royal Free & University College Medical School
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  they're only looking for one thing, whereas a PET scan could result in
  a lot of things."    - Carl Princi, 2002/07/19

In that case where do I tell sendmail to relay this? I have added smtp:[] smtp:[]
Into /etc/mail/mailertable
Also it says to put the domain in /etc/mail/relay-domains

Is this correct?


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