Mailscanner gateway using sendmail (are there rules forindividualdomains)

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Mon Jan 14 12:46:02 GMT 2008

Hi Kit,

Kit Wong wrote:
> Might be crossed wired here. I want to be able to tell
> mailscanner/sendmail to scan all incoming but rather than put it into
> the mail box on the server is to relay it on to an ip address that will
> have exchange waiting. I want to be able to say which emails (domain)
> and which ip address to relay to.

MailScanner does not do any local delivery.

MailScanner reads from the incoming SMTP queue, scans based on its own 
rules, then places the scanned message into its 'outgoing' queue.  The 
program that process that queue (usually your MTA) is the program that 
decides whether to deliver locally or relay on.

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