Let postfix bypass MailScanner for specific recipients

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at technologytiger.net
Sun Jan 13 18:44:01 GMT 2008

On 13 Jan 2008, at 16:08, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:

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> UxBoD wrote:
> | Sorry, being dumb today! That wouldn't make any difference anyway as
> each line of the header is parsed.
> We need to have some sort of AND function on 2 regexp in postfix.
> Hugo.


I have tried, with out success to do something similar before. The  
problem is that Postfix doesn't have any 'not' or 'and' rule  
understanding, which is pretty limiting, however, there might be an  

How does postfix receive your time critical mail? Is it possible to  
inject it using the sendmail binary? If so you can set a regex to only  
hold mail based on your server ID like thus:

/^Received:(.*)by your\.mail-server\.name \(Postfix\)/   HOLD

which will only put into the hold queue mail that comes in via SMTP.  
Injected mail produces headers like:

Received:by your.mail-server.com (Postfix, from userid 80) which  
doesn't match and therefore won't get held.

I don't know if this helps...


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