MailScanner not scanning emails.

Ken Goods KGoods at
Thu Jan 10 19:35:13 GMT 2008

Lawrence Lam wrote:
> My pleasure. Here you go:
> acpid           courier-authlib  haldaemon         krb524        
> netplugd rdisc            spamassassin
> anacron         courier-imap     halt              kudzu         
> network readahead_early  sshd
> antirelayd      cpanel           hidd              lvm2-monitor
> NetworkManager            readahead_later  syslog
> apf             cpuspeed         httpd             MailScanner
> NetworkManagerDispatcher  restorecond      sysstat
> apmd            crond            httpd.tmpeditlib  mcstrans       nfs
> rhnsd            vsftpd
> atd             cups             ip6tables         mdmonitor     
> nfslock rpcgssd          winbind
> auditd          dhcdbd    mdmpd          nscd
> rpcidmapd        wpa_supplicant
> autofs          dovecot          ipaliases         messagebus     ntpd
> rpcsvcgssd       xfs
> avahi-daemon    dund             ipmi              microcode_ctl  pand
> saslauthd        ypbind
> avahi-dnsconfd  exim             iptables          multipathd    
> pcscd securetmp        yum-updatesd
> bandmin         filelimits       irda              mysql         
> portmap setroubleshoot
> bluetooth       firstboot        irqbalance        named         
> portsentry single
> chkservd        functions        kdump             netconsole    
> psacct smartd
> conman          gpm              killall           netfs         
> pure-ftpd smb

Since no one else has jumped on this.... it looks like you have Exim as your
MTA. This explains why the sendmail commands did not work for you. I don't
run Exim myself but thought I'd at least point you in the right direction to
get started. I'm sure others that do use MainScanner/Exim will help if you
run into issues.

You'll be looking for setup instructions and configs for MailScanner running
with Exim. A quick google search turned up:

I don't know of a definitive install guide for Exim but I'm pretty sure it's
documented well in the MailScanner docs and remarked in MailScanner.conf.

I hope this, along with some tips from Exim users will get you going on the
right path.

Kind regards,

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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