FW: IMPORTANT - Termination of this subscription - REMINDER

Martin.Hepworth martinh at solidstatelogic.com
Wed Jan 9 08:34:01 GMT 2008

(well Jules prob ;-)

Sophos are changing the way updates happen. I guess changes needed at MS end somehow????

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sophos Alert System [mailto:notification-return at lists.sophos.com]
> Sent: 07 January 2008 11:43
> To: notification at lists.sophos.com
> Subject: IMPORTANT - Termination of this subscription - REMINDER
> Dear Subscriber,
> The number of new malware samples seen on a daily basis by SophosLabs
> continues to grow exponentially.  Following a review of the use of
> this Sophos Alert System mailing list and the updating mechanisms used
> by our customers, Sophos will be making several changes to the mailing
> lists and downloads available to customers over the next few months.
> As a result of these changes Sophos will be able to increase the
> number of virus updates released every day substantially, thereby
> providing even faster and better protection against malware.
> The changes are as follows:
> - Individual IDE files will not be available for download from
> www.sophos.com from March 2008.
> Customers are encouraged to use one of the automated update mechanisms
> available from Sophos to receive their updates (see
> www.sophos.com/support/knowledgebase/article/12663.html for further
> information).  Alternatively users can download the ides.zip file from
> www.sophos.com.  This zip archive contains all the ide updates
> released since the last monthly engine update.  Other zip archives are
> available for customers using older engines although users are
> encouraged to stay up to date and should not use an engine more than 3
> months old.
> - Three new subscription lists have been created to provide more
> targeted satisfaction of customer needs.
> Further information on these services and how to subscribe is below.
> - The format of emails from the existing alert service, Sophos Alert
> System, will change in January 2008 in line with the new alert
> service, Sophos Update Alert.
> - The existing alert service, Sophos Alert System, will then cease to
> send update alerts from March 2008.
> Subscribers are encouraged to sign up to one of the three new mailing
> lists above should they wish to continue to receive this information.
> On subscribing to one or more of the above mailing lists, you will
> automatically be removed from the current update alert service.
> The new email services are:
> Sophos Update Alert
> -------------------
> Subscription to this service will continue to provide an alert
> following the release of a new virus update.  As the number of virus
> updates increases, so will the number of update alerts received
> increase. This new alert email will not contain information about
> the update itself, only announcing that an update has taken place.
> To subscribe to this service please send an email to:
> updatealert-subscribe at lists.sophos.com
> Sophos Daily Update Digest
> --------------------------
> This email is for those customers wanting  basic information about
> recent identity updates. Initially this subscription will simply
> provide a link to www.sophos.com/downloads/ide.
> From March, this email will provide subscribers with a daily digest
> about the updates released in the previous 24 hours.  This
> information can also be viewed by subscribing to our RSS feeds
> (www.sophos.com/feeds).
> To subscribe to this service please send an email to:
> updatedigest-subscribe at lists.sophos.com
> Sophos Protection News
> ----------------------
> This newsletter will be a regular review of the updates released over
> the previous month, providing some statistics and analysis of these
> releases.  This information will also be found on the SophosLabs blog
> which provides an easy way of keeping abreast of the very latest
> information about malware seen by our global network of analysts.
> This mailing list will also be used by SophosLabs to send out any
> urgent notifications about malware outbreaks where significant action
> should be taken.
> To subscribe to this service please send an email to:
> protection-subscribe at lists.sophos.com
> Should you have any questions about these changes, please contact your
> technical support representative.
> Regards,
> Sophos
> ----
> To unsubscribe, email: notification-unsubscribe at lists.sophos.com
> For additional commands, email: notification-faq at lists.sophos.com

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