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Miguel Koren O Brien de Lacy wrote:
| I have been using Mail Scanner for a pretty long time but I only used
the virus
| scanning aspect of it. I now have a server (fedora Core 7 with
sendmail, procmail and
| dovecot) where spam is the big problem and all those users don't mind
if it just gets
| delivered to the "~mail/spam-mail" folder to be looked at sometime.
This is almost
| like a personal quarantine. I got Span Assassin working fine with Mail
Scanner and saw
| that the header gets the required "ssssss" characters. I didn't see a
way in
| MailScanner.conf to say that I want spam delivered to a place other
than the inbox. I
| have the feeling that the "forward" option may do what I want. For
example something like:
| Spam Actions = deliver forward ~mail/spam-mail
| Or would this fail because Mail Scanner does not know what user is
involved? If not,
| perhaps the "custom" option does it? I want to keep experimentation to
a minimum
| because this is a production machine.
| If I can do this with MailScanner, what option should I use and with
what parameter?
| If I have to do it outside MailScanner, what is recommended?

You should enlighten your users in the good use of sorting out the crap
with a simple .procmailrc file. Asuming your MTA actually uses procmail
from local delivery. (If it does not do so now I suggest you add it
straight away.)

As everything is run as the same user while MailScanner is working on it
~  ~ tends to be the MailScanner user for all users email. Regardless
wether or not the receiver is John or Paul or George or ....


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