ERROR: You must upgrade your perl IO module to at least

shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Fri Jan 4 19:17:58 GMT 2008

On Jan 4, 2008 8:03 PM, Martin Garcia <mgarcia at> wrote:
> Guys,
> I installed IO using MCPAN,
> and fixed the problem, answering to Julian, I installed from the
> package for RH (as I usually update) I only did ./ and
> everything ran,
> I have this perl-IO-1.2301-1.el4.rf and in the MS 4.66 tar.gz file it
> comes with   perl-IO-1.2301-1.src.rpm
> May be im not installing properly, anyway is fixed

Have you checked where that RPM installed the module? IO is included
in Perl itself, I'm guessing you have 1.22. If the RPM with IO 1.2301
installed in site/vendor/lib/share or whatever is used for your OS it
might not be used due to Perl's INC (search path). Here's the INC from
the Ubuntu system I'm currently on:


If you do "find /usr -name" I guess you will find the included
IO in one of the early directories with the version number in them.
Your newly installed IO will be in one of the directories used later
in the INC. That's why it wasn't used. When you install with CPAN it
overwrites the standard modules which solved your problem but not in
the nicest way. :-)


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