ERROR: You must upgrade your perl IO module to at least

Martin Garcia mgarcia at
Fri Jan 4 19:03:06 GMT 2008


I installed IO using MCPAN,
and fixed the problem, answering to Julian, I installed from the  
package for RH (as I usually update) I only did ./ and  
everything ran,
I have this perl-IO-1.2301-1.el4.rf and in the MS 4.66 tar.gz file it  
comes with   perl-IO-1.2301-1.src.rpm

May be im not installing properly, anyway is fixed

Cualquier duda o consulta estoy a su disposicion.

Atentamente / Sincerely

Consultor Linux y redes
Nettix Peru
telf: +(511)9735-4848
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