How to ignore all outgoing mail in MailScanner - SOLVED

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Jan 4 00:11:49 GMT 2008

on 1/3/2008 10:39 AM Ronny T. Lampert spake the following:
>> It sounds as though your internal network is more than minimally 
>> complex. I'm fortunate: we have only one authorized mail emitter 
>> internally, even if it *is* the dreaded-and-despised Lotus Domino. 
> Well, multiple continents and failover are adding (rightfully) to 
> complexity.
>> Can you split your mail processing into an inbound-only server and an 
>> outbound-only server? We did, where I work, and that took care of a 
>> *lot* of problems -- while generating others, to be sure, but those
>> are easily solved. Our outbound mail load is very small, compared to 
>> the raging torrent of mail, most of it junk, which we see inbound.
> No, that is not possible as it would e.g. double the needed hardware, 
> add more rules to our internal mail routing etc.
> But the
> Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules
> seems to do the trick.
> I'm auto-generating this file from postfix's trusted smtp servers (3 
> lines bash) from which I also automatically generate my transport table.
> Whitelisting is not an option as we still add headers to the mail and 
> also scan it -- embarassing to leak that info to the outside, if an 
> outgoing mail is tagges as SPAM!
It is also embarrasing if outgoing e-mail IS spam, and you get blacklisted.
I think I would still scan outgoing mail, and fix a ruleset to bounce bad back 
to originator "ONLY IF" they are on one of your servers. All you need is a bot 
on a users PC inside your network, which is very easy for some (l)users to get.

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