How to ignore all outgoing mail in MailScanner - SOLVED

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Thu Jan 3 20:44:44 GMT 2008

Further to my investigation, it seems its poprelayd daemon reads the ip form successful logins via the maillog, then writes to popip.db. there is a file called poprelay.conf which I think can be hacked to write to somewhere else as well as popip.db (hopefully scan.messages.rules). Anyone tried this? I don't have the programming skills that you guys have. Hope someone can help.


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Sorry to butt in but how do I do this with sendmail?
We currently use pop before smtp which stores ip in popip.db. Does anyone have a script that would look in there on a regular basis to update the scan.messages.rules file?
Not sure if mailscanner need to be restarted everytime scan.messages.rules get changed though. If not maybe someone here may be able to create a simple script if its not already done.


> It sounds as though your internal network is more than minimally
> complex. I'm fortunate: we have only one authorized mail emitter
> internally, even if it *is* the dreaded-and-despised Lotus Domino.

Well, multiple continents and failover are adding (rightfully) to

> Can you split your mail processing into an inbound-only server and an
> outbound-only server? We did, where I work, and that took care of a
> *lot* of problems -- while generating others, to be sure, but those
> are easily solved. Our outbound mail load is very small, compared to
> the raging torrent of mail, most of it junk, which we see inbound.

No, that is not possible as it would e.g. double the needed hardware,
add more rules to our internal mail routing etc.

But the

Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules

seems to do the trick.
I'm auto-generating this file from postfix's trusted smtp servers (3
lines bash) from which I also automatically generate my transport table.

Whitelisting is not an option as we still add headers to the mail and
also scan it -- embarassing to leak that info to the outside, if an
outgoing mail is tagges as SPAM!

The above solution seems to be the cleanest way.
Thanks for all pointers!


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