How to ignore all outgoing mail in MailScanner

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at
Thu Jan 3 16:36:41 GMT 2008

Hi all,

after endless searching with Google I did not find any solution to the 
following problem (well, I found 
- but is this still the best way to go?)

All outgoing mails (= mails received from internal, trusted servers) 
MUST NOT be scanned by MailScanner.

ATM I'm using the postfix setup with header_checks enabled, but this (of 
course) causes ALL MAIL to be scanned by MailScanner.

postfix has this nice "permit_mynetworks" keyword to bypass all checks 
for internal servers.

1) Is there a clean way to NOT PASS any mails from a list of relays to 
MailScanner at all (by postfix)?


2) Is there a similar keyword for Mailscanner so it ignores those mails 

Has anybody a suggestion how to implement that the most clean way?
It's not just a couple of IPs...


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