[off topic] - usernames with special chracters

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at fonant.com
Thu Jan 3 11:56:15 GMT 2008

> Today I also have an off topic question and I'm sure someone on this
> list knows about this. On Fedora Core 7 I now have several domains and I
> need to have users with user names like "name at domain.com".

Hmmmm... sounds like sendmail?

> Since I could not create the users I
> was not able to test but I assume that the virtusertable will let me map
> "name at domain.com" to something like "name at domain.com@localhost".

If you're using standard sendmail, then no, it won't. Any string  
containing an "@" on the RHS of virtusertable is deemed to be an e-mail  
address, not a username.

> I'm sure that there are other ways to set up a system for accepcting
> usernames like this but for several reasons on this server it would be
> the easiest solution for me. Does anyone know if it is in fact possible
> to have Fedora use usernames in this format and if so what needs to be
> configured?

What mailer are you using? If it's sendmail then you can't have "@" in the  
username, even though you can for the unix user. You'll need to substitute  
something like "_" for the "@" for your sendmail account names.

You might need to investigate other mailers that handle virtual users  
differently, if you want to keep "@" as a valid mail account character.

Hope this helps,

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