[off topic] - usernames with special chracters

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at konsultex.com.br
Thu Jan 3 11:13:38 GMT 2008

Today I also have an off topic question and I'm sure someone on this
list knows about this. On Fedora Core 7 I now have several domains and I
need to have users with user names like "name at domain.com". I found that
this does not work without some tweaking because when the
/var/spool/mail mailbox is created, Fedora leaves out the "@domain.com"
and so there is a conflict when 2 users like "name at domain1.com" and
"name at domain2.com" are created. In other words, the mailbox file is just
"name" and not "name at domain1.com". Since I could not create the users I
was not able to test but I assume that the virtusertable will let me map
"name at domain.com" to something like "name at domain.com@localhost".

I'm sure that there are other ways to set up a system for accepcting
usernames like this but for several reasons on this server it would be
the easiest solution for me. Does anyone know if it is in fact possible
to have Fedora use usernames in this format and if so what needs to be


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