MailScanner ANNOUNCE: New 4.66.5 released

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Jan 2 18:48:59 GMT 2008

on 1/2/2008 1:56 AM Julian Field spake the following:
> Happy New Year to you all!
> I have just released a new stable version 4.66.5, which includes the 
> following additions and changes:
> - Updated "Sophos.install" to handle Sophos version 6.
> - Updated to handle new MailTools 2.02 and MIME-tools 5.425.
> - Updated eTrust support to handle eTrust version 8.1.
> - New configuration setting "Syslog Socket Type" for the Solaris users 
> out there.
> Download as usual from
> The full Change Log is here:
> 1 New optional configuration setting "Syslog Socket Type". By default 
> this is
>  left blank, as it will work it out according to the operating system you
>  are using. Some Solaris users may want to set this to "native".
> 1 Addition of new message property for use by MailWatch 2.
> 1 Update of Sophos.install for Sophos version 6.
> 2 Updated to handle new MailTools 2.02. This includes the use of several 
> new
>  Perl modules, so you'll have to use the to install all the
>  requirements of the new MailTools code (unless you are doing clever things
>  with yum repositories).
> 3 Improvement to the phishing net for multiple "blocked::" prefixes on 
> links.
> 3 Improvements to speed up StartTiming() and StopTiming() greatly.
> 3 Updated to MIME-tools 5.425. This should solve lots of problems people 
> are
>  having with using yum repositories.
> 4 Added startup code to check for consistent version numbers with 
> MIME-tools.
> 4-2 Better for RHEL and CentOS 5.
> 4-3 Added some more modules to the compulsory list for RHEL and CentOS 5.
>    These are all labelled "yes" in the right-most column of the module list
>    near the bottom of
> 5 Improved eTrust-wrapper and -autoupdate to handle latest version 8.1 of
>  eTrust, and allow more flexibility in setting of eTrust location in
>  virus.scanners.conf. Can now just put /opt/CA if you are running 8.1 or 
> later.
> 5 Improved easy-to-install ClamAV & SpamAssassin package so that it will 
> always
>  install my patched Mail::ClamAV and Mail::SpamAssassin modules even if un-
>  patched versions are already installed.
> Jules
Now when Hugo updates his repo, we can see if some of the problems have gone away.

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