FW: Another attack to fight off

Jim Hermann wizard at jimhermann.com
Fri Feb 29 20:20:42 GMT 2008


        From: Vlad Mazek [mailto:v at vladville.com]
        Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 04:43 PM
        To: MailScanner discussion
        Subject: Re: Another attack to fight off

        MailScanner doesn't seem to want to accept multiple incoming queues with sendmail. Incoming Queue Dir = doesn't seem to take anything other than a single directory. Documentation indicates it should take filesets but that doesn't work

        Starting MailScanner daemons:
                 incoming sendmail: 451 4.0.0 can not chdir(/etc/MailScanner/rules/mqueue.in.list.conf/): Not a directory [  OK  ]

        (I tried %rules-dir%/mqueue.in.list.conf, permissions are ok, the file contains the queue dir's one per line, etc all looks sane)



I use this setting:

Incoming Queue Dir = /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/services/sendmail/mqueue /home/virtual/site*/fst/var/spool/mqueue

It collects email from 200 different directories.


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