F-Prot use not appearing in log file

Mike - W0TMW mikew at crucis.net
Fri Feb 29 18:24:04 GMT 2008

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Julian Field wrote:
> Mike Watson wrote:
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>> Scott Silva wrote:
>> | on 2-28-2008 1:35 PM Mike - W0TMW spake the following:
>> |> Julian Field wrote:
>> |>>
>> |>>
>> |>> Mike - W0TMW wrote:
>> |>>> I've installed MS 4.66 on a new box and thanks to others here 
>> gotten it running.  I have noticed something odd.
>> |>>>
>> |>>> I have clamav and f-prot installed for virus scanning.  I have 
>> an older version of MS running on another box also with clamav and 
>> f-prot.  On that older box, when an e-mail is being scanned, I see in 
>> the log that clamav and f-prot are used.  On the new box however, I 
>> only see clamav mentioned.  Both virus scanners are found when MS is 
>> started.
>> | Change your %org-name% to crucis_net instead of crucis.net. That 
>> error has caused many logging problems.
>> | And you might as well fix the other error so spamassassin ignores 
>> your locally generated headers.
Done. No change.
> Have you checked your /etc/MailScanner.conf recently?
> A new version of F-Prot appeared with a totally new output format. 
> There is now the "f-prot-6" scanner which you should have in your 
> "Virus Scanners" setting. It's mentioned in the comments above.
My F-prot is version 4.6.8, engine 3.16.16.  It was downloaded from the 
F-Prot website last week.  Would this version use "f-prot" or 
"F-prot-6"? F-prot works/scans in manual mode.
>> mw
> Jules

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