Logwatch file being tagged as a virus file and deleted

Howard Fleming hfleming at moosebird.net
Fri Feb 29 13:49:28 GMT 2008

Hi Jules,

Julian Field wrote:

>> From: no
>> to
>> From: root at messenger.mideasti.org no
> That's dangerous. All a spammer (or a virus) has to do is set the sender 
> address of the message (which is completely under their control) to 
> root at messenger.mideasti.org and their messages won't be virus-scanned at 
> all.
> Not a good idea!

Correct. :o)  However, I have another process that talks to the mail system on, which is why I did not set it up on originally, since I 
want to exclude email from root only.

> Change it to this instead:
> From: root at messenger.mideasti.org and From: no
> and that will be a whole lot safer.


> Jules

As for the MailScanner book, I do have a copy, but I think it is time for work 
to buy a copy so I do not have to keep moving my personal copy back and forth 
between work and home.


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