Logwatch file being tagged as a virus file and deleted

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Feb 28 18:58:09 GMT 2008

on 2-28-2008 5:30 AM Howard Fleming spake the following:
> Is there any way to exclude a email address from being scanned for 
> viruses?  For the last 3 days my logwatch file from my mail server has 
> been deleted, and I get the following:
>     Sender: root at messenger.mideasti.org
> IP Address:
>  Recipient: hfleming at mideasti.org
>    Subject: LogWatch for messenger.mideasti.org
>  MessageID: F254D540E8.78B90
> Quarantine:
>     Report: Clamd:  message was infected: Email.Phishing.DblDom-39 FOUND
> I have added root at messenger.mideasti.org to phishing.safe.sites.conf, 
> but it did not make any difference (or is this the right place?).
> Thanks,
> Howard
Time for the thread hijacking spanking!!!


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