small bug in 4.66.5 - log entries missing

Greg Matthews gmatt at
Fri Feb 29 11:38:41 GMT 2008

Scott, Julian...

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 2-28-2008 11:28 AM Julian Field spake the following:
>> Sure. Please gzip it first. Is all the other logging working okay? 
>> Does it happen only with exactly this set?
>> Virus Scanners = clamavmodule
>> Exactly what log entries don't arrive in your syslog (when compared to 
>> using a different virus scanner)?
>> Jules
> Sorry Julian,
> I think Greg wanted a copy of mine to see if he had differences, at 
> least that is what I inferred.

Got your and the only difference between yours and mine 
is the patch I posted to correct the log entries (ie using 
"ClamAVModule" instead of $Name).

I've compared your MailScanner -V output and there are a few minor 
differences, most significant is probably Mail::ClamAV - you are using 
0.20 and I'm using 0.21. This may be a dead end tho as my test and dev 
host also runs with 0.21 and doesnt have this problem.

Julian, this is only happening on my production servers so I cant easily 
take out the other AV engines. The missing content was described at the 
start of this thread. Here is an example from sending the Eicar test 
virus through:

Feb 29 11:32:26 mailr-w MailScanner[609]: SophosSAVI::INFECTED:: 
EICAR-AV-Test:: ./m1TBUQc2032625/
Feb 29 11:32:30 mailr-w MailScanner[609]: ::INFECTED:: 
Eicar-Test-Signature:: ./m1TBUQc2032625/
Feb 29 11:32:52 mailr-w MailScanner[609]: 
m1TBUQc2032625/ EICAR-Test-File (not a virus)

Sophos and Bitdefender log as expected but the clamavmodule logging is 
missing the "ClamAVModule" part. It should read "ClamAVModule::INFECTED..."

Attached is the MailScanner -V output.

Peculiar behaviour - let me know if you want access to one of the 
affected hosts.

Greg Matthews           01491 692445
Head of UNIX/Linux, iTSS Wallingford

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