F-Prot use not appearing in log file

Mike - W0TMW mikew at crucis.net
Thu Feb 28 20:08:18 GMT 2008

I've installed MS 4.66 on a new box and thanks to others here gotten it 
running.  I have noticed something odd.

I have clamav and f-prot installed for virus scanning.  I have an older 
version of MS running on another box also with clamav and f-prot.  On 
that older box, when an e-mail is being scanned, I see in the log that 
clamav and f-prot are used.  On the new box however, I only see clamav 
mentioned.  Both virus scanners are found when MS is started.

Is f-prot being used and just not logged?

Mike W

"Lose not thy airspeed lest the ground rises up and smites thee." - Anon.

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