phishing_bad_sites broken?

Hostmaster Hostmaster at
Wed Feb 27 16:59:58 GMT 2008

>Current news appears to be this:
>I suppose you could say that for some reason, 500k mailservers across the globe
to decided to get >that file at the same time yesterday and effectively DDOSd
the server sits on
This might just be my suspicious mind, but could this be a "probe"? Lets face
it, MailScanner is one of the widest-distributed wrappers for anti-spam. Say I
was running a botnet, wanted to send a lot of phishing emails out, and naturally
wanted to improve my chances of my phishing emails getting through. If I attack
the centralised system which distributes recognised phishing URL's to a major
spam filtering wrapper, my chances of getting my malicious emails goes up,
doesn't it?

I'v got some spare tin foil hats if anyone wants one....



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