phishing_bad_sites broken?

Julian Field jkf at
Wed Feb 27 16:46:16 GMT 2008

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Current news appears to be this:

I suppose you could say that for some reason, 500k mailservers across the globe to decided to get that file at the same time yesterday and effectively DDOSd the server sits on

It will be reconnected at some point this evening hopefully, and we'll 
see if it bears up.

Julian Field wrote:
> * PGP Signed: 02/27/08 at 15:59:13
> This is due to a suspected attack on the site.
> I will check with the Blacknight guys to see where we're at and will 
> get back to you a.s.a.p.
> Jules.
> Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>> Julian,
>> My hourly cronjob to update bad phishing sites has been broken
>> for the last day or so:
>> /opt/MailScanner/bin/update_bad_phishing_sites
>> --10:25:27--
>>            => `phishing.bad.sites.conf.master'
>> Resolving
>> Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection 
>> refused.
>> Is something broken in DNS land?  This address always resolves
>> to loopback here.  Anybody else seeing this?
>> Jeff Earickson
>> Colby College
> Jules


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